Original Articles: 2009 - 2012
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Mechanism for CARMIL protein inhibition of heterodimeric actin-capping protein. Kim, T., Ravilious, G. E., Sept, D. & Cooper, J. A. 2012. J Biol Chem 287: 15251-62. Online Journal.
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Distinct Roles for CARMIL Isoforms in Cell Migration. Liang, Y., H. Niederstrasser, M. Edwards, C. E. Jackson & J. A. Cooper. 2009. Mol Biol Cell. 20:5290-5305. Online Journal.
The mating-specific Galpha interacts with a kinesin-14 and regulates pheromone-induced nuclear migration in budding yeast. Zaichick, S. V., M. V. Metodiev, S. A. Nelson, O. Durbrovskyi, E. Draper, J. A. Cooper & D. E. Stone. 2009. Mol Biol Cell. 20:2820-2830. Online Journal.
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Distinct Roles for the Actin Nucleators Arp2/3 and hDia1 during NK-Mediated Cytotoxicity. Butler, B. & J. A. Cooper. 2009. Curr Biol. 19:1886-1896. Online Journal.
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